Vista Bike Cleaning kit

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Vista Chain lube - 110ml

Vista Chain Cleaner - 125ml

Engine Additive Oil - 50ml

Protect your car and bike engine from wear and tear with Vista Engine Oil. It lubricates the running parts to improve vehicle performance to increase fuel efficiency and makes the engine cleaner. One of the best engine oil, it helps the engine parts to withstand extreme temperatures and protects from corrosion.

- Provides better lubrication

- Results in cleaner engine

- Effective cooling of engine parts ensure a smooth gear switching experience, get improved performance, and the ultimate ride experience with the powerful molybdenum formulation of Chain Lube. Recommended for O-ring and X-ring chains, it keeps the dirt away from the chain and extends the chain life by minimizing wear and tear.

- A chain spray with exceptional penetration properties.

- Quick-drying formula.

- Reduced metal friction technology.

- Corrosion-resistant and anti-wear protection.

- Excellent lubrication for all types of two-wheelers.

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